2010 A Year of Intentional Love

January 1, 2010

I am not aware of any year every being declared as a Year of Intentional Love.  Love is the greatest thing in life and so important, and therefore, I submit it through my blogs today, therefore publishing it, in the hopes that it will catch on by others far and near.  My prayer is that it will be the first of many years of Intentional Love.

What do we mean by intentional love?  The first word, “intentional,” plainly means that: conscious thought with effort and planned.  Now what kind of love are we talking about?  We are not talking about the supposed love of sexual engagement which does not require love at all, alhough it is an expression of real love for two adults who love each other.  But I submit that our base nature with its physical cravings is not the source of love. 

Instead, we are talking about a love the arises in the heart, mind, and soul of persons towards other people and God that is not selfish or self-centered, but innately good, kind, caring.  It is relational, but you might say its on a spiritual level, at least not physical.  This love grows into a pure love which may blosssom into unconditional love in some relationships. 

A part of this kind of love is the reciprical principle that we have love for others even as we want to be loved.  This is based in part on the Golden Rule which most people are familiar with (and indeed all should be taught it) and in part on a passage in the Jewish Torah/Pentateuch which reads “…you shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Lev. 19:18 which Jesus the Christ re-teaches it by quoting it (Mark 12:31).

I submit that this love all humans need.  This mutual love and respect is profoundly powerful in creating healthy societies.  In contrast, our base nature is plain selfish.  A beautiful thing about this love is that you cannot empty your supply by giving it away.  Instead, love magnifies.  And the amazing thing, we don’t have to lessen our love of self, unless we are conceited or overly egotistical.  This love likes to have a support base from which to launch to others.  Let’s use the analogy of a driving board.  Without the board, a driver will not be able to jump that high or out away from the edge.  But with the springing board, he/she can jump higher and further out.  So also, you don’t have to lessen the love of self, but indeed, the love of self, supports your loving others like a springing board to launch out.  This seems to contradict the concept of this love being selfless, but it doesn’t.  Try to experience it yourselves.  These words are simply trying to communicate what we humans are capable of and do experience.

This recipricating and purer and higher love sows goodness in humanity.  It has been inspired by religious writers becoming sacred texts and religious ideals, but the ancient Chinese secular philosopher Confucius would agree it is very healthy for human societies.  Confucius’ teachings of jen and li are his counterparts.  This love lifts humans to a higher living, appealing to a higher nature as God has intended for us.  This means a love that thinks about and cares about others. People without any recognized religion have this too.  Built in human nature is the loving care a mother has for its child.  But true religion inspires, encourages, and lifts humans to an even more loving life.

Therefore, let us be intentional this year in loving ourselves, loving our family and friends, and loving our neighbors, and respecting all who are in authority: police, city, county, state, and federal officials and representatives, lawmakers, presidents.  Let us diligently nurture our children in love to help empower them to be loving people as they grow into adults.  Let us set an example to our children by our own behavior.  This is a great and privileged responsibility.


New Years Resolutions: 4 Inspirational Ones

January 1, 2010

I first published these resolutions below in my blog January 3, 2009, http://truebluenewyearsresolution09.blogspot.com/.

I resolve this year, intentionally:
To increase my capacity to be loving, to give love and to receive love (love in most broad and pure sense: love of human beings and love for God).

To strengthen my belief and attitude in the innate dignity and deserved respect for every human being.

Resolve to speak only positive words to others.
Maintain an attitude of hope for the future even if circumstances around look bleak.

I recognize that I cannot do this solely on my own strength.  I rely on power and help from the Higher Power, the Divine Source, or as some prefer, God.  I will also be intentional in being with others for mutual support.  And as led, I will be bold to take love to dark places where love is much needed.
May you be blessed spiritually and temporally in 2010!

Let’s Make the World a Better Place

January 12, 2009

Join with me on a journey to make the world a better place, to inspire people to goodness, to summons social conscience and consciousness of hope, positive thinking, and transformation, and motivate for action.  Life is a journey.  Where the journey of life takes us is a complex blend of our destiny, our environment, how we were raised, and what decisions we make.  Whether in the end, we made a good impact in the world or a bad impact is in part a result of all these factors, but we cannot underestimate the power of our decisions and mental resolve. 


The theme of this blog is from a well-known quote from Edward W. Bok, one of my favorite quotes, “Make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.”  When I first visited the Bok Tower and Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida in 2004, and discovered this verse, I began to make it my life’s theme verse.  My next visit there the following year, I bought an artistic print of this verse and framed it at home and keep in visible as a continual reminder.  But I have made it more than just one of many personal goals, I have made it a chief goal, and this blog and my other blogs all work toward the same goal-to help make this world a better place and inspire others to the same.  For me and many others striving for the same thing, this is a mission as we are on this journey of life. 


There are thousands of people in the world in many different professions, occupations, and callings helping to make the world a better place.  There are many ways and areas of work and many different styles, approaches, philosophies, values, beliefs, and laws.  This blog’s goal is to inspire many different people to use their own God-given abilities, talents, passions, and callings to make the world a better place.  This blog does not dictate beliefs, philosophies, styles, etc.  I want to encourage you in how you think God has equipped and called you.  Or if you not have belief in God, to inspire you to see your gifts, talents, and passions, and best use them to make a positive impact on this world.


I invite you to continue with me and read the blog posts to come, and go to my new blogspot, Dignityworld7.worldpress.com.